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Why Plastic Free?


Every year, Canadians throw away 3 million tonnes of plastic waste. 


Of that, only 9% is recycled.

Instead, the vast majority of plastics end up in landfills.

About 29,000 tonnes finds its way into our natural environment.

What happens to microplastics in the ocean? | Ocean Wise

What happens to microplastics in the ocean? | Ocean Wise

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Environment Pollution

Globally, it has been estimated more than

20 million tonnes

of plastic waste enter aquatic ecosystems every year.

That's about a dump truck of plastic going into the ocean, every minute.


So, what can we do?

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Individual action?

As cliche as it sounds, it CAN start with you. The people making purchasing choices every day. We have gotten sucked into a take-make-waste system and we have become accustomed to it. Although it shouldn't be our responsibility to break out if it, we can be the ones to do so.


Of course we need big system change. Big industry and government need to be the ones to create better laws and more sustainable products. But why would they change if the people don't want it? Change won't happen unless we demand it. Just as every vote counts, businesses know that every consumers vote, counts.

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Image by Matt Seymour

A circular economy

Why not break out of the linear system and enter a new era? Enter, the circular economy. A system where the emphasis is on the quality of the product and not simply creating and disposing. The circular economy involves sharing and leasing. Where products can be reused and repaired. Where materials need to be properly recyclable.


This change won't happen with just one or the other. It will take both approaches from people on the ground, and change from our government and industry for a  meaningful difference to be realized. Are you ready to push for change? Every business our Plastic Free BC is supporting the circular economy principales. By supporting them, you are voting with your dollar for a greener, beautiful, plastic free BC. 

Thanks for being a part of the change.

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