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North Shore

Refill Stores

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Lower Mainland

Our mission is to simplify zero waste living—together. We offer package-free and low-waste groceries and household supplies, delivered right to your door using returnable containers. We are champions of the circular economy and against single-use, throwaway culture.



Vancouver and North Vancouver

We use glass jars and paper bags because they are made from renewable sources and often from recycled material. We take back the jars, and our paper bags can go straight into your compost bin or be reused at home.


Bare Refillery

North Vancouver

Bare is the outcome of a passion to create a safer, more sustainable world. We offer all communities access to the essentials we rely on daily by bringing our mobile shop to neighbourhoods across the North Shore, Sea to Sky Corridor, Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

refill road.png

Refill Road

North Vancouver, West Vancouver 

Refill Road is a passionate online and pop up store who want to help you on your way towards a zero waste lifestyle. We care a lot about the environment so we are manufacturing, sourcing and selling items which we think will make a difference.

Delish Store.PNG

Delish General Store

North Vancouver

In 2020, Delish General Store expanded with the Jar Bar™ Refillery, offering pre-fills (into jars and bottles offered at the refill centre) and refills (into customer-provided containers) of home cleaning, laundry and self-care goods, as well as DIY ingredients so customers can make their own at home. 

soapstand (3).png

Soap Stand


While Soapstand does not sell any cleaning products, we built the refill station Soapstand to accommodate a wide choice of possible products including detergent, hand sanitizer and hand soap.

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