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Zero Waste Scavenger Hunt

Social Media Challenge closed - but the booklet remains available!

The Zero Waste Scavenger Hunt

Ever wonder if you could live a zero-waste lifestyle in your community? This scavenger hunt will challenge you to find aspects of your community that might help you cut down on your plastic footprint. Organized by 2022 Ocean Bridge Ambassadors and supported by the Pacific Team, this scavenger hunt will utilize social media to explore your home community.

This challenge went from February 25th to March 6th 2022 and is now closed.

Stay tuned for when we host this challenge again!

Prizes (claimed!)

1st prize.png

Entry level tier

Post 1-5 photos on Instagram
to be entered to win!

2nd prize.png


Post 6-10 photos on Instagram
to be entered to win!

Contest Highlights


February 25th to March 6th 2022.

You can still complete our scavenger hunt after our social media challenge ends. Please note, you will not be eligible for prizes outside of the allotted timeframe, but you sure will learn a lot!


Complete the scavenger hunt in your own city!


Rules of the hunt:

  1. Find our Zero Waste Scavenger Hunt booklet, which will guide you through this challenge.

  2. There are 10 sustainable categories. We challenge you to pick ONE item from each category.

  3. While completing up to 10 challenge items, be sure to take a photo and post them (post together as a carasoul) to your Instagram account. 

  4. VERY IMPORTANT! Be sure to TAG us, @plasticfree.bc, and be sure to use the hashtag #ZWSHchallenge2022 in order to be entered to WIN!

VERY important: Don't forget to tag us and use the hashtag so we see it and can enter you to win!

Contest Categories

A Good Neighbour

Your chance to see what litter can be cleaned up in your neighbourhood

Zero-waste kitchen

What can you swap?

Food waste

Compost, coffee and buying bulk

It's called fashion

Thrifting, fast fashion and laundry!

Your eco-friendly home



Show off those reusable containers, bags and mugs for when you're out and about.

Supporting local

Show off your favourite sustainable
business in your neighborhood!

In the workplace

Whether it's a big change OR just bring
your reusable mug to work, it counts!

Take action

Share with friends or take direct action

Your Sustainable Life

What else do you do in your life that is low waste and supports a circular economy?

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