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Nada is a package-free grocery store on a mission to connect people to just food - championing a community food system by linking buyers to suppliers and offering healthy, unpackaged products & services.



Lower Mainland

Jarr is a package-free grocery delivery company based in the Lower Mainland. Our mission is to simplify zero-waste living. Our low-waste groceries and household supplies are conveniently delivered right to your door using returnable containers. We are champions of the circular economy and against single-use, throwaway culture.



Vancouver and North Vancouver

We use glass jars and paper bags because they are made from renewable sources and often from recycled material. We take back the jars, and our paper bags can go straight into your compost bin or be reused at home.


The Soap Dispensary


With a large percentage of household waste coming from groceries, we started to refill food in 2015. Two years later, we expanded next door to open Kitchen Staples, a packaging-free specialty grocery store that emphasizes locally-made and organic ingredients.

second nature.png

Second Nature Home


Second Nature Home is a retail space entirely focused on eco-friendly, organic products for the home—helping you transform your home into a natural sanctuary.

soapstand (3).png

Soap Stand


While Soapstand does not sell any cleaning products, we built the refill station Soapstand to accommodate a wide choice of possible products including detergent, hand sanitizer and hand soap.


Shift Delivery


Shift Delivery contributes to a healthier city by replacing conventional trucks with pedal powered trikes and electric cargo vehicles. Zero tailpipe emissions are emitted and each trike uses less electricity than a typical household dryer per year.


Life UNPacked

Metro Vancouver

Our zero-waste boxes, bundles & kits are the easiest way to ditch plastic and switch to eco-friendly zero-waste bathroom products made for Canadians... by Canadians. All our products are great alternatives to plastic bathroom products. Remove plastic from your bathroom & our world today!


Balance Botanicals


Balance Botanicals offers a wide range of products to enhance and balance one's life.  The inventory will grow and change as we do, but all our teas and food items are bulk and organic! So please come down to Main Street and visit us at both our locations to find balance.

Reusable cups and containers

Reusables cropped _edited.png



Reusables was founded to help eliminate single-use plastics from our daily routines. Despite the convenience of single-use plastics, they present a threat to our planet and we would prefer to live in a world without them.

ShareWares logo.png



We are a citywide borrowing platform that supplies, sanitizes, and tracks reusable cups and other food packaging for Vancouver businesses. By harnessing current city infrastructure and creating an intricate yet user-friendly technology, we believe it is entirely possible to end the world's single-use garbage crisis within the decade.

AAA mugshare_edited.png



mugshare is a social impact program that provides a safe, reusable alternative to single-use cups through a convenient deposit-return system. The born-in-Vancouver business was created by a group of UBC students in 2016 in an effort to shift the norm on single-use waste, without putting the burden of responsibility on individuals.

BYO vancouver.png



We believe our work at BYO is more than just saving cups. We see bring-your-own-cup as an entry point to a larger shift in our current habits and ways of thinking about the systems around us. We hope our program inspires community members to slow down and think about their role as an individual and how they fit into the larger collective working towards a greener, more just future.


BYO Vancouver

Commercial Drive, Vancouver

BYO Vancouver is a volunteer-based plastic waste reduction project. We inspire shoppers and businesses to replace single-use plastics with reusable personal containers.  Businesses place our BYO Vancouver sticker on their door inviting customers to BYO.   Look for our BYO sticker in the Commercial Drive neighbourhood starting in the Winter of 2021-22.

Recycle and Repurpose

binners project.png

Binners’ Project


Binners’ Project fosters social and economic inclusion, builds community resilience and stronger networks, and engages on sustainability issues. Through our programs, we empower binners as part of the circular economy -- building a community from the bottom up.


Chop Value

Vancouver, Fraser Valley

Beautiful circular economy products from
an innovative high-performance engineered material, made entirely of recycled chopsticks.

Perk Eco


Send us your cups, lids, stir sticks, napkins, tea bags, pastry bags, drink containers, and food containers. We divert coffee shop waste from landfills, and create a new revenue stream for you, through a shared, point-of-purchase cup eco-fee.

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We are Canada’s foremost deconstruction & salvage company. We dismantle buildings and salvage almost everything, including irreplaceable Old Growth lumber, windows, doors, cabinets, fixtures and appliances.

urban web logo_1588700293.png

Urban Repurpose


We’re Urban Repurpose — a not-for-profit social enterprise. We keep valuable products from going to waste. We are part of the growing circular economy. We help our customers and community by helping to repurpose and reuse furnishings and fixtures, hardware, homewares and much more.


Tire Stewardship BC

British Columbia

Tire Stewardship BC is the agency in BC that formed to help producers (retailers) fulfil their obligations and focus on the collection and recycling of tires. To operate a scrap tire program in BC the producers must have a ministry-approved stewardship plan.

recycles smart.jfif



For over a decade we have been delivering the right technology, systems and services across Canada. We are not your traditional waste and recycling company - we think differently about the challenges you may face with managing waste, and work hand-in-hand with you to create winning solutions.




We're Loop. Imagine zero-waste versions of your everyday essentials from all your favourite brands. That’s us. With Loop, temporarily place a 100% refundable deposit to borrow the packaging, and we'll professionally clean and reuse it once you're finished.

Plastic free food & diverting food waste!


Too Good to Go

Food Waste Diverting App

We dream of a planet with no food waste, and every day we’re working on making that a reality. Our app is the most direct way for you to get involved - just download, log on, and get saving perfectly good, surplus food from your local stores. It’s always a surprise, at a great price, and an instant good deed for the planet. Get started now!


Food Stash Foundation


Food Stash Foundation is a registered charity located in Vancouver, BC. We began in 2016 and have evolved from one man operating out of the trunk of his car, to a multi-employee warehouse operation centred in Olympic Village.


Slow Bottled Sunday


We rescue BC-grown stone fruits at peak ripeness. They’re sometimes ugly on the outside but always delicious on the inside. The results are sauces that taste naturally rich, look silky smooth, and help you reduce food waste. Nature doesn’t wait and neither do we.

invito coffee.png

Invito Coffee


Invito is Yaro & Heather - veganpreneurs and founders of Vancouver's first zero-waste coffee company that supplies homes and hospitality, commercial businesses, and wholesalers with fair-trade organic beans, grown and shipped direct from their farm in Costa Rica.
INVITO coffee is packaged in 100% compostable bags, recyclable pails, or as part of the Loop Refill Program.


Tality Kombucha


Tality Kombucha aims to sustainably brew the highest quality and most authentic kombucha possible, straight from our North Shore production facility to your door. We are a 1% for the Planet Member, Canada's first B-Corp kombucha, certified organic, use stone paper labels, have a bottle wash and reuse program, and are the piloting a vermicompost waste management system for our brewery.


Earnest Ice Cream

Vancouver and North Shore

We are the first ice cream shop (we know of) to pack pints in returnable and reusable glass jars. Reuse is a part of our goal of being a zero waste company. Our jars can be found in independent shops and restaurants around Vancouver.

Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 9.05.40 PM.png

Blue Heron Cheese


Blue Heron was created out of a passion for better, kinder, more sustainable cheese without sacrificing taste and tradition. Blue Heron is built on a reverence for all sentient beings, a respect for the Earth, which gives us life, and a methodical and ever-evolving approach to plant-based cheesemaking. These plant-based cheeses are 100% dairy-free and made without the use of animal products.




Our line of baking mixes is here to boost fibre and protein in your diet. Do this while making a meaningful impact on the environment through our upcycled barley flour!


Main Street Honey Shoppe


Main Street Honey Shoppe is dedicated to bring Healthy Honeybee products “From the Honey Farm to the City”. Our products are sourced wherever possible from producers we know, local when available, international when necessary. We support a greener city by offering zero waste packaging options.


Kind Cafe


Our menu is proudly 100% vegan with house-made cheeses, mylk, dressings, and so much more! We use fresh and local ingredients and all of our products are made from scratch for a healthy experience! You’ll notice we have reusable cloths instead of napkins, no single use plastics, no single use cups, and a BYOC [bring your own cup/container] policy for take out!

Vancouver Fridge.jfif

Vancouver Community Fridge Project


The Vancouver Community Fridge Project is a decentralized food distribution network and mutual aid initiative created to provide healthy, free food and essential supplies to our communities across lower mainland.

Mountain Landscape

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