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Vegan Restaurants

Metro Vancouver

something about vegan restaurants here..... Why less meat is sustainable? A fun fact?? I dno



Locations on Main street in Gastown and Yaletown

Our mission is to help transition the mainstream to eating more plant-based foods in a friendly, accepting and engaging venue. This change is why we are here. We also strive to be an extraordinary employer, and look for ways daily to make MeeT a place that our staff can look forward to coming to work excited, and with a purpose..!


The Soap Dispensary

Refill Shop

Vancouver's first refill shop. We specialize in premium bulk soaps, household cleaners, hygiene + beauty products, DIY ingredients, grocery and other!



Package-free Groceries

Our mission is to simplify zero waste living—together. We offer package-free and low-waste groceries and household supplies, delivered right to your door using returnable containers. We are champions of the circular economy and against single-use, throwaway culture.



Zero Waste Groceries. Deliverd.

When we talk about packaging waste, we don’t just mean what’s in our garbage, but everything sent out for recycling and compost, too. Everything that goes in and out of our doors has an impact. Particularly, the almost 85% of plastic that doesn’t get recycled.  Our solution is grocery delivery using returnable glass jars and compostable paper bags. Bring back the milk lady!

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