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ZILCH: The Zero-Waste Market

ZILCH: The Zero-Waste Market is happening this Saturday, October 1st at the Heritage Hall Vancouver!

This is a fantastic way to support your local zero-waste and low-waste small businesses, and enjoy a one-day pop-up market before the summer ends. This event is hosted by Ocean Wise's Ocean Bridge Pacific Youth Ambassadors, and is their final project for this 6-month long program.

What is the Ocean Bridge program? So glad you asked! "The Ocean Bridge Classic program is a 6-month (May – October) part-time program designed for Canadians and permanent residents aged 18 – 30 from coast to coast to coast." This program brings together 140 youth and young ocean professionals "from rural land locked towns, northern communities, urban coastal cities and anywhere in between to form a national cohort of ocean ambassadors."

I did the program in 2021, and it was a fantastic way to start your own initiative and get inspired. As a participant, you are paired with an ocean wise staff member who supports and guides you to create your own project, join a larger organization, start a podcast or however you want to volunteer your time to the cause of ocean conservation. Towards the end of the program, participants are grouped together for one final project, where they can host a public facing event. One of those events, is ZILCH: The Zero Waste Market! Come out and support the newest cohort of Pacific Ocean Bridge Ambassadors!

• Date: Saturday, October 1st 2022⁠

• Time: Open 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM⁠

• Location: Heritage Hall, 3102 Main St, Vancouver ⁠

• Free Administration!⁠

• RSVP through the link in our bio⁠

Follow their instagram account, @zilchzwm, for more information and updates!

- Jeanine

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