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Refill Stores

Refilleries from the North Shore, Metro Vancouver, Port Moody, Chilliwack, West Minister, and Port Coquitlam


The Soap Dispensary


With a large percentage of household waste coming from groceries, we started to refill food in 2015. Two years later, we expanded next door to open Kitchen Staples, a packaging-free specialty grocery store that emphasizes locally-made and organic ingredients.


Bare Refillery

North Vancouver

Safe, simple & sustainable. Bare Refillery is your North Shore bulk product refillery stocking products that are safe for your family and our planet.

refill road.png

Refill Road

North Vancouver, West Vancouver 

Refill Road is a passionate online and pop up store who want to help you on your way towards a zero waste lifestyle. We care a lot about the environment so we are manufacturing, sourcing and selling items which we think will make a difference.

second nature.png

Second Nature Home


Second Nature Home is a retail space entirely focused on eco-friendly, organic products for the home—helping you transform your home into a natural sanctuary.

Delish Store.PNG

Delish General Store

North Vancouver

In 2020, Delish General Store expanded with the Jar Bar™ Refillery, offering pre-fills (into jars and bottles offered at the refill centre) and refills (into customer-provided containers) of home cleaning, laundry and self-care goods, as well as DIY ingredients so customers can make their own at home. 


Fulfill Shoppe

Port Coquitlam

Life is busy...we get it. Buying in bulk, bringing your own containers, weighing, all takes time, time that we know you probably don't have. Let us make low waste living for you easy and convenient. Start using our reusable container service and we'll take care of all the dirty work for you...literally.

Pick Eco Refill.jpeg

PickEco Refills


PickEco Refills wants to make it easier for you to shop local, shop healthy and live a zero waste life. Stop by with your empty jars (or other clean containers) to check out our wide variety of quality products.

the refill stop.jpeg

The Refill Stop

New Westminster

The Refill Stop is an eco-minded, low-waste refill shop. Here, you can bring your containers from home and refill them with dish, laundry, body soap and all types of cleaners. We make a difference by sourcing products that eliminate single use plastics, selling refillable, environmentally friendly household and body care products.

Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 9.38.04 PM.png

Unmediocre Store

Port Moody

We believe in: Sourcing quality products that align with our values.
Always evolving and improving what we do. Providing a positive experience for our employees and customers.
Giving back by supporting local artisans and organizations in our community.

soapstand (3).png

Soap Stand


While Soapstand does not sell any cleaning products, we built the refill station Soapstand to accommodate a wide choice of possible products including detergent, hand sanitizer and hand soap.


Shift Delivery


Shift Delivery contributes to a healthier city by replacing conventional trucks with pedal powered trikes and electric cargo vehicles. Zero tailpipe emissions are emitted and each trike uses less electricity than a typical household dryer per year.


Life UNPacked

Metro Vancouver

Our zero-waste boxes, bundles & kits are the easiest way to ditch plastic and switch to eco-friendly zero-waste bathroom products made for Canadians... by Canadians. All our products are great alternatives to plastic bathroom products. Remove plastic from your bathroom & our world today!


Balance Botanicals


Balance Botanicals opened in 2015 and offers a wide range of products to enhance and balance one's life.  The inventory will grow and change as we do, but the framework is in place for us to now offer a large selection of teas - in blends or individually, spices, herbs plus many more botanicals and containers to keep them in.  All our teas and food items are bulk and organic!

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Reusable cups and containers

Single-use items not required

Reusables 4.PNG


Vancouver, North Shore and Nanaimo is a container sharing platform that makes zero waste an easy choice for people and businesses. There are no deposits and members get unlimited reusables across our growing network of restaurants, cafes and grocery stores! Become a member and start ordering your favourite food and drinks in sustainable packaging today.




We offer a suite of complementary and a la carte products and services. These include an advanced washing service for reusable containers, a supporting app for businesses and customers to easily adopt reusables, and product development consulting to assist businesses in transitioning to reusable products and packaging




Mugshare is a social impact program that aims to eliminate the need for single-use cups by providing a convenient reusable alternative through a deposit-return system. By creating a network of partner locations, we aim to use collective action to shift the norm on single-use waste.

BYO vancouver.png



We believe our work at BYO is more than just saving cups. We see bring-your-own-cup as an entry point to a larger shift in our current habits and ways of thinking about the systems around us. We hope our program inspires community members to slow down and think about their role as an individual and how they fit into the larger collective working towards a greener, more just future.


BYO Vancouver


Our mission is to reduce plastic and packaging waste in our neighbourhoods by inspiring both neighbours and neighbourhood businesses to take on waste reduction together.  BYO Vancouver is Canada Reduces' first western group. While there are plans to spread the program throughout the city, the initial roll out targets Commercial Drive.

FULL LIST: Services

Shop, sustainably

Clothing and locally made products



Victoria and Vancouver

The idea for Anián sprung from the belief that: the clothes we enjoy in the natural world should not be harming it. The environmental impact of our clothing is something we take seriously. For this reason, Anián begun the transition into using entirely recycled natural fibre textiles from landfills. For us, where the road for discard clothing ends, our textile sourcing begins. All this might make it sound like we're trying to change an industry—we are.

Chloë Angus Design.jfif

Chloë Angus Design


Chloë Angus Design has been collaborating with Indigenous artists across Canada to provide customers with products that are not only ethically and locally-made, but are sold by a company that focuses on sustainability, body positivity, and Indigenous representation. The company is 50% Métis-owned and supports a number of community and charitable organizations such as The Aboriginal Mother Centre Society and Dress for Success Vancouver.


Hunter and Hare


Hunter and Hare is a popular women’s consignment store that sells quality clothing as well as products made by local companies and artisans. It’s affiliated with charities such as Diabetes Canada, MOMS, Still Fabulous Auxiliary Thrift Store, and Women Working With Women.


Devi Arts Collective


We are solely committed to transparency and being mindful of our wearing environment. From our printed invoices, to our packaging and even the raw materials we use in our jewelry - including recycled silver and gold and 14kt gold-fill - every detail is created and sourced responsibly, ethically, and sustainably. Handmade in Vancouver.

karibu soaps.png

Karibu Soaps


Karibu Soaps focuses on creating unique handmade soap bars using locally sourced natural and plant based ingredients. Our focus is on keeping it safe and simple, crafting each item with just the basic ingredients needed for a clean, healthy product that is gentle and nourishing on the skin, long-lasting and pure.

Arraei Collective.png

Arraei Collective


Arraei Collective is a way for us to connect with the earth- to go back to nature, and be rooted in a conscious lifestyle. Our vision is to harmonise humanity and the planet, by facilitating the union of responsible thought with action, and providing a way for people to connect with ethically and sustainably made products that uplift and empower humanity.


Goldilocks Wraps


Each reusable beeswax wrap is made individually by hand in small batches. From the washing and cutting of the cotton, to waxing piece by piece, to folding and packaging, we do it all ourselves. Each wrap is held to the highest of quality standards and infused with an extra dose of love




If there's one thing we've learned from being a small business, it's that supporting local is essential. We have a commitment to use recyclable items for operations, minimize waste in production, and use locally sourced textiles and materials to make our scrunchies and headbands.


Carina Organics


Throughout the year, ingredients such as alfalfa, chamomile, echinacea, nettle, red clover, along with a variety of botanical tree essences, are hand selected and harvested from different regions of the Pacific Northwest's forests and farms. With a distinct focus on holistic remedies, purity, craft, and quality, all Carina products are manufactured by hand on the North Shore of Vancouver, British Columbia

amara 2.PNG

Amara Blue


Amara - Meaning “eternal” in Sanskrit, is the embodiment of all of our adornments. Each piece is meant to be held onto, treasured, and passed down. Made out of ethically sourced Sterling Silver and Gold Fill we personally handcraft our pieces to embody the stories that you share with us. Are you ready to make some magic?


Droplet Home Goods


Organic, ethically sourced cotton towels and blankets made in Turkey. Droplet is about everyday coziness, and caring about what you use in your home and your life. We carefully select the companies, manufacturers, and materials we choose to work and partner with. All of our packaging is made from recycled materials and is either recyclable or compostable. All of our dyes and materials are natural & toxin-free And we are proudly a plastic-free brand (even down to the tape we use to seal our packages!).




FLEURS combines herbal medicine and hemp healing to recharge and rejuvenate the body and mind. Hand made by women in 'Vancouver'. We make all our products with love! Your purchase helps support artists and entrepreneurs. Our packaging is biodegradable, from the packaging to the tea bags themselves. We care about our beautiful earth!




S E L U N A offers a refined assortment of original sewing kits for customers to create their own sustainable slow-fashion wardrobe." The sewing kits include everything needed from custom size pre-washed & cut fabric to trims and thread in order to create one garment. Our kits are suitable for beginner to intermediate stitchers.




Breathable underwear made from super soft, sustainable tree-derived fabrics. These tree-derived materials, the latter spun with soothing mineral zinc oxide, are better for the environment and better for our bodies. Materials partnered with design, and a full coverage lining unique to us,  Huha is doing something different in women’s intimates.

paper label.png



At PAPER LABEL we focus on fabrics that are not only beautiful, but also sustainable. Textiles impact the environment in a number of different ways, so we think about the impact as a whole and try to choose fabrics that have the least negative effect on the earth. We consider water and pesticide usage during fiber growth, renewability of resources, energy and chemicals used during processing, disposal techniques, care requirements, fabric longevity, and biodegradability.

onsight care.png

Onsight Care


Born out of a love for the earth, travel and rock climbing. Onsight Care started with a need for more natural, sustainable solutions to climbing skin care and travel essentials.  We got rid of the toxins, the plastics, and last but certainly not least, we got rid of the liquids.

Cloudy Day


Committed to Quality

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FULL LIST: Services

Thrift, consignment & second hand

My sisters closet.jfif

My sister's closet


Founded in 2001, My Sister's Closet is a social enterprise of Battered Women's Support Services (BWSS). As advocates of zero waste, eco-fashion and the thrift movement, we enable all genders to access beautiful new and second-hand clothing and locally made artisan creations by women. 100 percent of revenue generated from sales help fund the violence prevention and intervention services and programs operated by BWSS, supporting more than 18,000 requests we receive annually.

Trees From Above


We are a citywide borrowing platform that supplies, sanitizes, and tracks reusable cups and other food packaging for Vancouver businesses. By harnessing current city infrastructure and creating an intricate yet user-friendly technology, we believe it is entirely possible to end the world's single-use garbage crisis within the decade.

download (1)_edited.jpg


mugshare is a social impact program that provides a safe, reusable alternative to single-use cups through a convenient deposit-return system. The born-in-Vancouver business was created by a group of UBC students in 2016 in an effort to shift the norm on single-use waste, without putting the burden of responsibility on individuals.

BYO vancouver.png


We believe our work at BYO is more than just saving cups. We see bring-your-own-cup as an entry point to a larger shift in our current habits and ways of thinking about the systems around us. We hope our program inspires community members to slow down and think about their role as an individual and how they fit into the larger collective working towards a greener, more just future.


Commercial Drive, Vancouver

BYO Vancouver is a volunteer-based plastic waste reduction project. We inspire shoppers and businesses to replace single-use plastics with reusable personal containers.  Businesses place our BYO Vancouver sticker on their door inviting customers to BYO.   Look for our BYO sticker in the Commercial Drive neighbourhood starting in the Winter of 2021-22.

FULL LIST: Services

Our Goals

The purposes of Plastic Free BC are to

(1) provide educational resources on sustainable living, the circular economy, and the environmental impacts of plastic waste and

(2) build a community network that supports small businesses and allows members of our community to discover sustainable small business in their neighbourhoods.



The Zero Waste Market

Join us on Saturday, October 1st for ZILCH The Zero Waste Market in Vancouver, BC. Support your local zero-waste and low-waste businesses at this one day pop-up market. Hosted by Ocean Wise's Ocean Bridge Pacific youth ambassadors, this event will have speakers, raffle-draws, clothing swap and free coffee! 

Location: Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street, Vancouver, BC, V5T 3G7

Date: Saturday, October 1st 2022

Time: 10am to 5pm

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